One delightful aspect of your children growing up is seeing them form good friendships. My oldest daughter Claire is best friends with the cute girl featured in this shoot. She and Claire could play together for hours every day -- and they probably would if they weren't too busy doing almost all the same extracurriculars, sharing a seat on the bus, and walking home from the bus holding hands every day.

The cherry on top? Her mom is a good friend of mine, and one of the most generous, authentic and lovely human beings on the planet. When she asked to do this shoot at the sunflower festival, it was an easy yes.

I had never been to this sunflower festival before (it's held at a family-owned farm in southern Utah county), and it did not disappoint. There were multiple acres of gorgeous blooms, and both the weather and light were perfect that night. When my friend asked to jump in on some of the pictures with her kiddos, it was another easy automatic yes.

Hope you love these sweet photos as much as we loved taking them!