Here's the thing about getting headshots. Will they provide you with a new profile picture? Yes. Something professional for LinkedIn or the "about me" page on your website? Yes. Lots of new content to post on social? Absolutely.

But even more than that? Good headshots make your brand personal. They give your business a face behind the name. They let your audience see the real life human being working hard to provide value behind the scenes.

A good headshot helps people connect to YOU, not just your product. And when your audience feels connected to you, they get invested, they go all-in on your brand, and you get to watch your business skyrocket.

Aaaaaaaaaand believe it or not, I had three more long paragraphs typed out about the importance of really good updated headshots for your brand, but I decided to delete them and spare you all. Lol. Let's just say I'm *incredibly* passionate about getting some beautiful, updated, natural light headshots for your brand.

And when I get to shoot headshots? It's an absolute dream. Getting to connect with like-minded, ambitious women who are chasing their dreams makes me so so happy.

It was an absolute joy to photograph my gorgeous friend Brit, whose debut book comes out this spring!