I don't have a lot of reasons to interact with teenagers on a regular basis. My own children are still young, and when I was a teacher, I taught fifth grade, that sweet spot where they can use advanced logic but haven't become all moody yet. It's mainly through my senior sessions that I get a chance to interact with teenagers, and the biggest surprise to me was how FUN teenagers are!

Every senior session I've had this year has been incredible. Teenagers today are thoughtful and smart and well-spoken and talented. I get a genuine thrill of excitement whenever I get an inquiry for a senior session.

Freemen's session was no exception. We picked a cool new urban building, which is a great choice in the winter when it's still pretty dead and cold outside. He was a great sport about the cold, and we even got some gorgeous sun right at the end of the session. Between the skateboard and the guitar I think it's safe to say we all had a fun time. Enjoy!