Way back in my entry-level college economics class, I learned about early adopters. Early adopters are people who take a chance with a new product or service right after it's been invented (think: the first people to buy an iPhone, the first content creators on TikTok, the people who take a chance on the newest energy bar craze when it's still a small business being sold out of a farmer's market booth). These people are taking a risk, because the brand is so new. There's no credibility established, there's no foundation of trust built, there's no guarantee their money or time will pay off.

Early adopters of anything are brave and discerning. They're good at calculating risk and feeling out where to invest their time and money.

Enter: the Lignell family. I consider Austin and Nellie not only good friends of mine, but also early adopters of my business. They allowed me to take photos of them before I had a huge body of work established, before I had this website up and running, before I even started posting about my photography on Instagram.

And oh how grateful I am! I feel incredibly blessed that Nellie and Austin invested in me and my fledgling business in these early days.

The cherry on top? Our session was so.much.fun. They're both naturals in front of the camera, and their little toddler was just the cutest. Basically we just played and played and snapped some pictures, and boom. Photography magic.

P.S. Peep their two darling rescue dogs at the end of the session!